1.Training in water Supply and Sanitation development and management skills for staff of

  • District Development Committee
  • Local NGOs
  • Local Water Committee
  • WSS Maintenance Worker

2. Development and Sharing of Technically oriented WASH information

  • Technical Manuals
  • Notes: Technical Fact-sheets and Solutions.
  • Practical Advice on Various Technical Solutions and Situations.

3. Provide Support for

  • Surveying and Design for (gravity) piped Water Supply Schemes
  • Assessment, Development and Protection of Spring/Surface water resources for use in Drinking Water.
  • Design and Construction of Rainwater Systems.
  • Design and Construction of Storage Options: Ferrocement/Concrete./HDPE/Stone Masonry
  • Sanitation Solutions
  • Water Safety Plans for Water Quality improvement (NWQ Standards 2062)
  • Operation and Maintenance