Indrayani is 6th Blue School from Hansapur, Kaski where Blue School Program activities have been implemented. In 2013, this activities also had implement in other two school i.e Ramkot & Arunodaya School from this region. ‘a child a tree’ is campaign in which every children plant sapling and take care of it. During this campaign PACT committee members and even guardian participated to assist the students.

Mr. Daya Sagar Subedi, Chairperson of Rupa Gaunpalika-7 (local Authority) also took part in the event to motivate students for plantation at school premises. Different species of saplings (Tejpatta, Bakaino, Kapur, Ashoka, Kalki, Epillip) were planted during this campaign.

‘a child a tree’ campaign in Indrayani School