KN made 2 days assessment at Tingla VDC, Solukhumbu in the coordination of Tashi Delek regarding rural water supply scheme improvement. This water scheme covers ward no. 8 & 9 of the VDC.As in itial activities meeting with local people was arranged to orient and sensitize on improved water management at early session. Local people from Mude Pasal, Sherpa Mude and Belidanda were participated actively.

Group photo with participants, KN Team and Tashi Delek
Group photo with participants, KN Team and Tashi Delek

Content of Orientation basically focused on how to improve water scheme in better condition.

  • Scope and Importance of water supply, water cycle
  • Operations, repairs and maintenances
  • Role and responsibility of Water User Committee (WUC)
  • Purification techniques at household level and Water Safety Plan(WSP)

As there was no functional WUC we endorsed participants to form new active WUC so it would be the responsible to look after and manage the water scheme efficiently in near future. Meantime new WUC had been formed and they were committed to register under act of Nepal Government Water Resources.

Just a year before Samsam Water from Netherlands had done detail assessment and prepared concepts note regarding this water scheme improvement. And local people/farmer wants to scale up this scheme for small irrigation purpose too. Following the concepts note, KN team visited this water scheme for short term improvement executions. In short term plan refer to concept report it has mention for quick recovery that includes

  • Fixing leaking pipeline passive taps.
  • Remove air blockage at pipeline system.
  • Refilling exposed pipeline of water scheme.
  • Repair water scheme components i.e. intake, Distribution Chamber (DC)
Existing water scheme components during field visit
Existing water scheme components during field visit

Joint team of KN and Foundation Tashi Delek Nepal carried out field visit throughout the existing water scheme and spotted related problem along with its components.


  • Water Scheme has potential sources.
  • The scheme was not maintained regularly since construction completed.
  • Structures and components of Water Scheme were non standard designs.
  • As per short term improvement repair and maintenance can be carried out within 3-4 months.

During field visits it has been realized prompt recovery of water supply need to be done through repair and maintenance for operation in existing water scheme.


Assessment on Rural Water Supply Scheme at Solukhumbu
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